Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ex Minister Quot Tried To Warn Travolta Quot

John Travolta

Bahamas a politician arrested for an alleged conspiracy to blackmail John Travolta actor said he had only tried to warn the star after his 16-year-old son died from a seizure. Obie Wilchcombe said Pleasant Bridgewater parliamentary colleague told him someone was doing something untowards after Travolta son Jett was killed in family home Grand Bahama - a message that said he had notified the plaintiff lawyers..

Bai Ling Slipping Behind Chihuahua Hasselbeck In Mickey Rourke Oscar Date Sweeps

Barbara Walter

And toBarbara Walter dismay, his choice is not t his no matter what blandishments any given it the actor, after catching him nothing but a t-shirt close in his dressing room (fourgy inspiring dreams involving Michael Phelp and Simon Baker too graphic to be described here). No, the apple of Rourke eye is our Elisabeth Hasselbeck, which virtually Clambers over Joy Behar after getting the green light groupie from Wrestler star. At least they ll have a lot to talk..

If Looks Aren Quot T Deceiving Nadal Well Ahead Of Federer

Rafael Nadal

Nadal hit 33 winners from different points of view and feel, fast and slow lines and languid lobs, monstrous power shots. Top-seeded Rafael Nadal pummeled Chile Fernando Gonzalez, 6-3, 6-2, 6-4, on Monday to move into the Australian Open quarterfinals. He had only 11 unforced errors, a testament to its precision and deadly calm..

Tyra Talks About Gay For Pay Porn

Tyra Bank

Former supermodel gone talk show host has Tyra Bank on the phenomena of straight men doing gay porn Thursday and asked Would your gay man going to pay? Tyra invited a number of gay porn actors (as in gay porn, the actors, not gay porn actors ) for her show, including Kurt Wild, the friendly father of three children who fired from the Subway last year to make gay porn, to speak because the men were doing gay porn.

Dicaprio Quot On Set Hijinks

Stephen Graham

The two were involved in the film Gangs of New York.. This is the England starStephen Graham recalled some of the things that he stood up for the set with Leonardo DiCaprio.